Keep the airwaves free and available


Americans turn to TV and radio during times of crisis for critical information and news. The good news is local broadcasters are your source ... there to keep the airwaves full of the timely and vital updates.

Tell Congress to protect free, local television's ability to innovate and provide the news, emergency information and entertainment you expect and deserve.

Local Radio and TV there for you in time of need

Broadcasters are the "backbone" of the EAS system. Utah broadcasters are proud of the role they play in keeping Utahns Safe, Alerted and Informed.. Fom AMBER Alers to weather, wild fires, flooding and other safety concerns ... you can count on the Utah TV and Radio broadcasters.

Radio on Your Cell Phone

FM Radio on your cell phone how great would that be!

Even if your cell phone and data stop working during a crisis ... the radio feature on cell phones continue to work. Don't you wish your cell phone had this feature? Actually virtually all smartphones are manufactured with hardware capable of receiving free FM radio signals, but not all phones have this feature activated.

The US lags behind other countries in providing this lifesaving feature. Here are additiona benefits:

Using built-in FM radio vs. streaming, provides 6x longer battery life.

Listening to local radio) is free vs.streaming & data charges.

Local radio is a dependable lifeline, available when other forms of communication fail.

Urger your cell service provider to make this available to consmers.

Utah Broadcasters Hall of Fame

May 23 at 1:30 pm at theU of U Eccles Auditorium in theTanner Irish Humanities Building

Bob Evans, Hope Woodside

and Tim Larson

pre-registration here

Public Education Partnership

Put more reach

in your outreach!

Where and When Will My Messages Air?

Virtually everyone who listens to the radio or watches TV will see and/or hear your message ... and that means pretty much everyone.

Most radio and television stations in Utah participate in the UBA PEP program. These stations have pledged their "best unsold air time" to the UBA for your message. PEPs run in all time slots and air statewide.

Radio and TV stations participation is voluntary so specific air dates and times cannot be guaranteed… but we do deliver results. In fact, we guarantee the value of actual documented air time will equal a 4 times your contribution.