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TELEVISON Categories

TV UBEE form

T1Best Commercial Spot (Over $5,000)

T2Best Commercial Spot (Under $5,000)

T3Best Station Promotional Announcement

(Over $5,000)

T4Best Station Promotional Announcement

(Under $5,000)

T5Best Multi-faceted Public Service Campaign

T6Best Public Service Announcement

T7Best Public Affairs Program

T8Best Sports Story

T9Best Sports Program

T10Best Lifestyle Report

T11Best Lifestyle Program

T12Best Documentary

T13Best Children’s Initiative

T14Best News Photography

T15Best News Graphics

T16Best Design Compilation (5 or more examples)

T17Best Single Event News Coverage

T18Best Breaking News Report

T19Best News Reporting in a Series

T20Best AM Newscast (May 20, 2014)

T21Best Weekend Newscast (May 18 , 2014)

T22Best Newscast (May 22, 2014)

T23Best Website

RADIO Categories

UBEE metro form & UBEEnon-mtro form

R01 Best: 30 Commercial

R02 Best: 60 Commercial

R03 Best: 30 Station Promotional Announcement

R04 Best 60: Station Promotional Announcement

R05 Best Radio Spot Promoting Television

R06 Best Public Service Announcement

R07 Best Promotional Campaign

R08 Best Sports Program

R09 Best Sportscast

R10 Best Feature Story or Program

R11 Best Single Event News Coverage

R12 Best Breaking News Coverage

R13 Best News Reporting in a Series

R14 Best Radio Personality or Team (5 minute compilation)

R15 Best Newscast

R16 Best Website


All enries must be a URL link (YouTube, SoundCloud, etc.) no mp4 or mp3 will be excepted.

Entries must have aired between June 1, 2013 and May 31, 2014.

Entries and fees must be received no later than Frdday, July 18, 2014 or for late entries, Monday, July 21, 2014.

All entries must be work produced in-house at broadcast stations only.

Entries: must contain only station-produced material (talent, scripts, art, etc.). Station music and sound effects libraries are permitted.

All entries must be labeled with the category, title of entry, station call letters

Subscription weather aide (satellite photos, wire services, radar reports, etc.) may be used as an enhancement to locally produced programs.

Announcements produced outside the station that contain a locally produced “tag” will not be accepted for judging.

Metro: licensed within metro SLC, Ogden, Provo. Non-metro: all markets outside of metro licensed area.

Entry fees $35 LATE entry fees $45

Judging is done by an out-of-state broadcasters association.

Include on entry form names of all individuals responsible for work.

Open to all UBA member stations only. No work from outside companies. ( i.e. advertising agencies, etc.)

Radio UBEE Entries How to:

Import notice: You will need your entry posted on the web and a good URL link to it. We are not accepting mp3 files they must be already on the internet.

If you already have a good working URL for your radio file – meaning you already have it stored on the web (somewhere like Soundcloud) and with that URL another person can go directly to and listen to your file, then go ahead and go straight to the UBEE Radio metro entry form, orNon-Metro Radio UBEE form

If not continue reading and follow the instructions.

Here are tips and instructions for using Soundcloud – (it’s basically Youtube for radio and sound). Do not try and include an mp3 file with your entry -- you must have it uploaded and on the web and use the link as your source. This makes the whole system run smoother, faster and easier for multiple judges to access all the UBEE entries.

How do I upload my sounds?

A single track upload via SoundCloud

1 Go and sign up at www.soundcloud.com (free and paid accounts are available)

2 Check your email and verify your account. Once you verify your email you are ready to go.

3 Go back to Soundcloud and make sure you are logged in to your account. Now you can start posting!

4 Click the Post button at the top of any page, or visit http://soundcloud.com/upload

Select the “choose files' button, which will enable you to the pick audio file from your computer you want to post to the cloud. (SoundCloud accepts the following formats: AIFF, WAVE, FLAC, ALAC, OGG, MP2, MP3 and ACC.)

5 When you’re uploading your track, SoundCloud will give you two options under the Privacy Settings; Go to Advanced Settings --Select ‘Public’ This makes it easy for judges on different computers -- to better find and listen to your UBEE entry!

While your sound is posting, you can enter its details and set permissions for downloads, widgets, and more. Once the sound is fully posted and transcoded, hit ‘save’ at the bottom of the page.

If you're experiencing problems with our main Flash-based uploader, please make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash installed. If you continue to have troubles, try our old-skool uploader.

And Voila! You have a nice clean URL to now use for your UBEE entry – Allowing the judges to easily listen in their browser to your work in high quality sound.

6 Be sure to copy the URL. See the “Get the link” copy everything in the box ie: https://soundcloud.com/dale-zeke/sets/ubee-test-mp3s – this is what you will use to enter as your “link “on your UBEE form! Make sure your URL doesn’t have # in it (see trouble shooting below).

This is the important part you must copy the exact URL and put that in your UBEE form! (We strongly recommended that you test your URL links – you can do this by cutting and pasting into a new window.) You want to make sure it the link goes to the right individual track especially if you have more than one track in your account.

Troubleshooting and helpful links:

My URL has a # in it, why's that?

This is a known issue which is happening in Internet Explorer 9.0. When using another browser or upgrading to Internet Explorer 10, you will be able to see the regular URL without the # in it. If you're unable to upgrade or use another browser, you could try out Chromeframe when using SoundCloud to avoid this from happening!




Further tech questions and concerns should be directed to Soundcloud directly here is the link to contact them:


TV UBEE How to:

Import notice: You will need your entry posted on the web and a good URL link to it. We are not accepting mp4 files – only URL links to your file already on the internet somewhere like Youtube.

If you already have a good working URL for your radio file – meaning you already have it stored on the web (somewhere like Youtube) and with that URL another person can go directly to and can watch your file then go ahead and go straight to the TV UBEE entry form (clck)

If not, continue reading to learn how to upload to Youtube.

There are plenty of “ how to upload a video to YouTube” you can do your own Google search or check out these suggested links:





TV UBEE Entry form: